Karmic  Journey

Purpose: helping you remember the reason why you wanted to come into this life, why you chose this family/culture/time, why you chose the obstacles of your life.

333 EUR | 60 mins call 


Past lives. Unfinished tasks. Shadow work.
This is my most intense reading, the one that will guide you thorough your past life karma, analyzing the gifts, the wounds, the blockages, the ancestral karma, everything that will help you understand why you incarnated this life. You will face your fears and wounds, and give them a meaning for being present in your life. Everything you experience is in your life for a reason. We will find it together.

Aspects covered

I will focus on, but not limit to:

Lunar Nodes, 12th house, Imum Coeli, Saturn, Moon, Retrograde planets, Dark Houses, Lilith.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to understand their life in depth, ready to reclaim their dharma path and work towards exiting the karmic cycles. To release yourself from the patterns you have to be willing to face them.

All levels of astrological knowledge are welcomed - from "completely knew to astrology" to "professional astrologer". I will adapt my language and complexity of technical explanations based on your level.


291 EURO (personalized payment plans are available on request)

You will receive:

  • 60 min call + the recording

  • PDF of your chart

  • Resources for deeper self-study (on request)


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