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Voice of
The Sacred

! My only Instagram account: @voiceofthesacred

Order digital illustrations for your conscious & unconscious chart

Hello, I’m Diana, professional astrologer, half academic, half mystic.

I am a translator of the sky, taking the wisdom encrypted in the charts and delivering it to the world, all in order to support our evolution.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising

(born on 22 January 1997)

Stellium in the 9th + 8th house

I'm here to discover purpose in everything, and for that I've been absorbing knowledge from all the sources I found valuable. I've been studying astrology since 2013, Human Design since 2019, I have a BA degree in philosophy with a dissertation on jungian psychoanalysis, and in 2023 I've finally stopped doing rituals "by ear" and got initiated in shamanism.

My desire is to bring more wisdom, depth, alchemy, empowerment and purpose into this world,

and Voice of the Sacred is my dearest creation.

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Currently I am not open for collaborations.

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