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Image by Beat Schuler


Lost in  Aether

"When the spiritual calling is big, it's as if you are no longer in control of your life"

We are going to dive into the astrological meaning of the 5th element: Aether (or Akasha, Spirit).


When: 27 May 2023

(check the calendar for time)

Where: Zoom Meeting (2,5 hours)

in an intimate group of 6 people

Exchange: 200€

My whole life made sense once I learned about Aether and how to work with the parts of my soul which are dominated by this powerful energy.

Every astrological aspect is connected to one element (earth, water, air, fire) based on its zodiacal sign, but something interesting happens when a planet is on the cusp, in between two signs: 

It's "lost in aether".

I say "lost" because it's a foggy place, far away from the physical world, but it's closer to the "real" reality than anything else. And that's where magic happens. That's where karma is re-written. That's where destiny unfolds through you.

I have my Ascendent, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes in Aether. My whole life I've been dancing with this element, and now I want to share all this knowledge.

Image by Beat Schuler

In this workshop I will cover:

- the astrological meaning of Aether,

- how to practically work with the elements using your birth chart,

- the hermetical methodology of interpreting each planet in the 5th element

- the difference between the karma at the end of a sign vs the beginning of a sign,

- the role Aether placements play in your spiritual evolution and connection to divinity.

Other important details:


* Your charts will be used as examples and each aether placement will be discussed.

* You will learn not only how to understand your chart, but how to translate the 5th element in anyone's chart.

* I will provide all needed materials.

* You will receive the recording of the workshop.

* The recording won't be sold after. Everything we discuss inside the workshop will remain inside the workshop.

* There are different time options for every group, please check the calendar in your time zone:

Image by Beat Schuler

Do you have planets in aether?

The 5th element exists at the border between 2 signs (on the cusp),

in the first and last 3 degrees.


A planet is in Aether within the following degrees:

beginning of a sign: 0°, 1°, 2°

end of the sign: 27°, 28°, 29°

If you have aether planets, you aren't here just to experience the physical world. You are here to create a connection between the physical and the astral.

You have the power to be a channel for divinity.

And I am here to empower you into owning your gifts.

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