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Astral Initiation
Voice of the Sacred Membership

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Learn astrology by entering

a library of detailed lessons,

taking you step by step through

all the hidden elements of your natal chart.


Meet the power of the Celestial Symbols,

learn the techniques to translate them,

have all your questions answered.

This is your Astral Initiation.


Astral Initiation
is for you if:

  • You want a to lean how to be your own astrologer. You don't want to simply memorize what other astrologers are saying - you want to learn how make your own interpretations.

  • You want the real deal. You want to feel you are learning the codes of your life. You are ready to handle this tool.

  • You've been studying alone here and there, but you weren't able to connect the pieces together or put them into real practice. You feel the need to have a more structured and guided study.

  • You want step by step lessons that take you through the basics of Astrology and beyond.

  • You want to be able to interact with your teacher, to ask questions, receive clarifications and feedback for your exercises.

  • You'd love to have a community of likeminded people, in an online space outside of social media, who share their own process and from whom you can learn as well.

  • Astrology is not just a fun little thing you occupy your time with - you sense the sacredness of this ancient knowledge and you deeply honor and respect it.

Do you feel seen by this description?


If yes, I welcome you to our astral temple.

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Astral Initiation will completely change the way you understand astrology, because it will finally come from within.

Here you will learn to translate the karma you carry, the imprints from your previous lives, and the soul mission you have now.

Are you ready for this journey through the blueprint of your soul?

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From the astral Initiation Students

Learning from you and being part of the membership has had such a powerful impact on me. I'm so in love with this project you've put together, and for the price it's absolutely worth it. So appreciative I get the chance to even learn this! There's no way I could've accessed all this information on my own - what would've taken any individual years and years of research you condense into such detailed yet simple lessons, you have a gift of taking such complex information and making it understandable.


Your way of astrology is RARE!

I've been seeing a lot of astrology pages or astrologers on YouTube and, even tho everyone is unique, the way you do astrology I've never seen or witnessed before and it's BEAUTIFUL.

When I read your words on astrology I'm falling in love with astrology even more every time you post on information. The way you do it and teach it is MAGICAL.


It feels like l'm getting the most accurate training in the membership in a very delicious wayI LOVE the flavor of your delivery and always can't wait for more. Astrology did not resonate until it came through your voice. (-)

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What is included
in the Membership

Weekly written lessons,

structured and designed to help you understand the world of the stars.

Weekly practical exercises to integrate the knowledge and apply it on your own chart.

Access to all previous lessons and exercises. 


An online private group where you can ask questions, share your stories, and connect with other likeminded people.

Access to the comment section of every lesson/exercise.

Guidance: my constant presence inside the Membership, answering your questions, adding more lessons or exercises based on your requests.

Exclusive discounts for courses

* for the yearly Membership

Secret calendar with exclusive 1:1 Sessions 

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Welcome to your
Astral Temple

Pay in Full


Annual Membership

Pay once - have 12 months access

(save 50€ ✨)

12 Payments of


Annual Membership

Pay in 12 installments of 25€

charged every month.

Just One Month


If you're not sure you want to commit to this journey yet, test the waters! Pay once 33€ for one month inside (limited lessons available).

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From the astral Initiation Students

The membership is one of the most valuable memberships I ever paid for! (Jana)

Studying in here feels like I can finally touch something invisible that always was in front of me. Like the secrets of the sacred are being revealed. Like opening conversations with Gods.

Your work, Diana, is world changing, and I feel such divine love for you sharing it, and for whatever force invited me to be part of this community.



I signed up to your membership alongside studying for a diploma in Psychological Astrology and your work has been and continues to be invaluable for me. I adore the way you teach. You manage to make deeply complex lessons digestible. I'm here for the depth and I wanted to thank you for all the work you do to teach astrology (properly). I wouldn't want to learn any other way. The membership space you provide is deeply valued and appreciated!


Yours is the only membership I've kept because it isn't just surface level. I've almost signed up for dozens of courses that would cost thousands but always felt I wouldn't get the in depth learning I wanted. Thank you for doing this work!


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Important Details

I work with:

Zodiac signs: Tropical (western)

House System: Whole Signs

Planetary Rulership: Traditional

Aspects: Ptolemaic

This Membership is for all levels.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an astrologer, you will find valuable content here.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

Look through the Lessons that are available right now inside the Membership 🤍

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

Hi, I am Diana, professional astrologer, half academic, half mystic.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising, 1/3 Generator.

I live and breathe astrology. It took over my life before I could even attempt to have a "normal job", it brought me closer to my soul, closer to divinity, it made the Sacred tangible. And I made it my mission to let the world know the true potential of this ancient knowledge.

The path of the teacher called me, and here I am.

Read my full astro story HERE.

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  • Do I need to have any prior knowledge to join this Membership?
    No, this membership is great for beginners! If there are areas you feel insecure about with your knowledge, you can tell me and I will add more content with explanations for everyone to learn from.
  • Are there recorded classes inside the Membership?
    No - all the lessons are in written format. Read THIS free post to get an idea of how the lessons look and feel like! Why written format? I believe the knowledge we read holds more power than the one we hear, that a written word remains with us for a longer period of time. At least that is the case with my creations, I can feel the magic entrapped in the words I write, and I want to dedicate a special place for them - which is this Membership! ✨
  • Will I be able to talk to you and ask you questions?
    I will be present in the private group and the comment sections to answer questions and guide you! 💙 If you want a video call with me, you can book one through a special calendar for Astral Initiation members.
  • Is this a subscription?
    No, this is not a subscription. Once you sign up, you are part of the Astral Initiation Membership for 12 months. You can choose to pay in full or in 12 payments, or join us for one single month.
  • What lessons are available if I sign up for the one month option?
    You can look through the lessons available for the one month option here:
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Voice of the Sacred

© Voice of the Sacred Copyright

pictures used source: Pinterest

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