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Voice of the Sacred

lets translate the sacred language of the stars

For Aries Ascendant

Eleventh house - My connection with my network, with groups of people, friends, brotherhood & sisterhood. Finding my tribe, people who have the same direction I have and want to work together. Plans for the future. Contributing to the greater good. Hope.

For Taurus Ascendant

Tenth house - My connection with the world, how I present myself, public image, the energy I bring forward as my contribution to our society. My reputation, achievements, the social status I create through the energy I constantly offer when I put myself out there.

For Gemini Ascendant

Ninth house - My higher understanding of the world. The house of God. My philosophy of life, morality, laws, religion, spirituality. Higher education, my relationship with mentors and guides, finding people who can teach me, or becoming the teacher myself.

For Cancer Ascendant

Eighth house - My connection with my unconscious mind and my shadows. My secrets, fears, traumas, hidden parts of my soul, taboos and kinks. Bringing light inside the darkness. Transformation, alchemy, death and rebirth, finding true raw power. Debt.

For Leo Ascendant

Seventh house - My relationship with "the other". My reaction to the impact others have on my life. Marriage. Partnership. Contracts. Learning about myself through what I see in the other. Going beyond the ego. Union. Two becoming one.

For Virgo Ascendant

Sixth house - The connection between my physical body and nature, how connected I am to my natural cycles. Routines, rituals, work. Purifying the physical body, bringing it back to its most natural state. Illness (when this is ignored).

For Libra Ascendant

Fifth house - The connection with my inner child. Joy, pleasure, the delight of being alive. Creativity and self-expression. Romance, being in love, erotic play. Hobbies and activities that bring us happiness. Children & pregnancy.

For Scorpio Ascendant

Forth house - The connection with my roots, where I come from. Family, ancestors, the energy carried in my lineage. My home, my nest, the place where I feel safe and where I can heal and recharge. Ability to forgive and let go.

For Sagittarius Ascendant

Third house - The connection with my environment, the flow of energy between me and what is close to me. Communication, curiosity, sharing information, playing, learning. Absorbing information (school) and delivering it (writing, publishing).

For Capricorn Ascendant

Second house - The connection I have with my possessions, resources, what I earn & what I own. My self-worth. Attachments to the material world. Relationship with money (what I earn myself), connection to abundance, feeling of gratitude.

For Aquarius Ascendant
First house - The connection between my body, my energy and the world around me.
My relationship with myself. Sense of self, identity, physical body, well being, vitality, confidence, motivation, energy to exist as an individual being.

For Pisces Ascendant

Twelfth house - My connection to the unseen world. The memories I carry from my previous life & how I connect with those parts of myself. The way I connect with the Sacred, with God, with the spirit world. Diving into the unknown, detaching and letting go.


This is the area of your life where new beginnings can come your way now.

Welcome in the energy of Aquarius.

Break whatever chains hold you back.

Can you take the responsibility of embodying your authenticity?
Can you detach yourself from what others might think about your path?

As long as you know deep down that you're doing the right thing, and there's no other path for you but this one, you will be unstoppable.

This is the invitation of Aquarius New Moon.
Let the seed of your real self grow stronger, bigger, bolder.

Have the courage to make small steps, confront those who try to bend you in other directions, stubbornly keeping the path you know it's yours.

What is happening in your life right now in your Aquarius house?

Or what would you wish to happen?

Set your intention, leave it here in the comments, and may you welcome in your life the growth your souls wishes to feel.

I wish you a beautiful New Moon!

- Diana

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May this knowledge bring you home,

to your spirit and to your inner wisdom.


- Diana

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