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Voice of the Sacred

lets translate the sacred language of the stars

Pluto is the slowest transpersonal planet, which means it spends a lot of time in every sign it passes through / around 15-20 years.

Since 2008 Pluto has been in Capricorn, transforming the collective path regarding: economics, how we manage our resources , how we work and earn money, what goals we have as humans, how we structure our society.

We’ve all witnessed the confusion and destruction the collective element earth went through. And now we are entering the next cycle: Aquarius - air.

For the next 20 years, the themes of Aquarius are going to be emphasized. They will create troubles, they will create confusion, but they will be deeply transformed:

communication, knowledge, social norms, individuality vs community, identity in a hyper homogenized world, technology, science, A.I., space travel, intellectual understanding of our universe & of humanity.

Aquarius is fixed air - it represents the ability to detach from the mentality of the crowd and challenge the norm. This force will radically change humanity.

Who are we when we aren’t following the crowd/tradition?

 Who are we when we don’t rely on what we’re told to do/be/think?

This is going to be the main theme, this is going to be our collective chaos, and the joruney is not about the answers we will find - they might be completely different or they could be exactly the same as beforethe difference is that it comes from US not from THEM. 

We need to shake off any external influence, stay in the confusion for a while, and then come up with our own answers. The way we will re-structure our society depends on the quest of finding who we truly are and what do we want from life.

A chaos of information and rebellions await us, with infinite groups of people pulling us in different directions, to be like them, to agree with them, to identify with them.

This phase is needed. The chaos and confusion are needed. It’s alright to question everything you knew about yourself and about life, but remember:

the right answer can be found only within,

don’t look outside for it.

There’s so much to talk about Pluto in Aquarius and what that means for us as a collective, but this is the idea that kept coming to me again and again:

finding our personal truth,

detached from what we are being told,

detached from how things have been so far,

detached from what the world expects us to be/do/think.

And something very important to mention:

this doesn’t mean the destruction of everything we know.

I’m quite sure many of the pillars of our society are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Many are not. Many will be improved. Many will be reshaped. And many will pass the test and remain unchanged.

This is also a process of reinventing the wheel, because we need to doubt the wheel for a while. We need to use the wheel because we understand why it’s the most efficient form, not because we’ve been told to use it.

In a society that taught us just to obey and execute, we’ve arrived in the point where we have to question everything.

And we’ll be able to step forward grounded in the truth we’ve found.


My ♒ is in 7th house, as well as the north node. And to tell you the truth, I feel the movement towards authenticity in human relationships for many years, like it's the topic of my essence and my way of getting to explore the world, and be in better connection with it. I wonder, why do I feel this tendency already? Since Pluto is in ♒ now, will it make the dynamics faster?❤️‍🔥

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Thank you)💖


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May this knowledge bring you home,

to your spirit and to your inner wisdom.


- Diana

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