Self Study

If you are a seeker of knowledge who needs more information to support your journey, diving deeper into the hidden meanings of the celestial symbols, I welcome you.

Voice of the Sacred Whispers - This is my SMS subscription where I constantly share guides and worksheets to study your own chart & understand the effect of transits in real time.


Instagram Guides - I constantly post educational content on instagram with karmic explanations for different placements. Here you can find organised collections of my posts.


Astrological books - I have a huge collection of astrology books which I always consult. Here you can find a list of them, based on their difficulty and depth.

Astrological Softwares


Astro.com / Free Astrological Software - website. 

You can create any type of chart you want, from natal, transit, synastry, composite, etc. Personally I do not like the transit navigation (you need to make a different each time).

Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 17.56.29.png

Luna Astrology / Paid Astrological Software - website. This is my favorite software to work with. You can easily navigate transits, save all of your charts, create synastry & composite, and you have the option to isolate the aspects of each planet you click on. 


Time Nomad - Free Astrological app (with paid options). This is my favorite mobile app for casting charts. You have all the options you need, you can save charts, you have a calendar with all the transits timeline + you can check the planetary hour (for horary).