Astrological 1:1 Sessions

- Work with diana Sab -

I am a translator of the sky, taking the wisdom encrypted in your chart and delivering it to you, all in order to support your soul evolution.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising

Stellium in the 9th + 8th house

I'm here with wisdom, depth, alchemy, evolution and purpose.

This is the blueprint of my soul:

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My desire is to share with you from the knowledge I've been gathering my entire life, picking exactly the message that you need to hear in this incarnation.

If you've been attracted here by my energy, it is possible that my chart activates important aspects of yours.

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I'm here to discover purpose in everything, and for that I've been absorbing knowledge from all the sources I found valuable: philosophy, religions, eastern spirituality (especially advaita vedanta), jungian psychoanalysis, energy healing techniques (I’m a prananadi practitioner), Yoga, Human Design, Gene keys, shamanism, rituals, magic, alchemy, and many more.

These are all topics I will extract knowledge from in our sessions.

I see patterns, I see the past intertwined with the present and the future, I see the wisdom that wants to activate in your life. 

Consider my mind a living breathing library. My purpose is to deliver the knowledge that will serve your dharma path and activate the parts of your soul that were suppressed/hidden. 


If you resonate with the way I work, if you feel that the knowledge I have will be valuable for you, here are different ways of working with me:

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1:1 Sessions

Currently Close - No slots available

For individual charts: focused

For individual charts: open

For combined charts:

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I wanted to say that I enjoyed our session more than I can convey in words. You spoke to me almost as though it was your own personal story, while simultaneously acting as a teacher, an academic, that I was so excited to learn from.


I just keep re-reading the report and I end up flooded with feelings (partially in tears, if I'm completely honest haha). It's almost as though I'm looking in a mirror, but this mirror reflects my inner world and you've given me not only this "magic" mirror, but also the map to navigate this world. I know the sentiment is very cheesy on my end so forgive me, but your work has brought me so much relief, clarity, and a sense of renewed hope and inspiration- and I don't remember the last time I felt this way, so it means a lot. All I can say is thank you so much.

”You are the first astrologer to read my chart. I always wanted a reading, but I was waiting for the right one. I didn't want any reading - I wanted you.„

”The Career Reading that I received was not only spot on, but it was also inspiring and motivating. As an astrologer myself, I am truly impressed with Diana's interpretation of everything. She’s someone who has truly mastered and specialized in this magical, evolutionary perspective that goes so DEEP into our mission and karma! „

”I have been studying this reading for some time. Reading it almost every day. You have captured and shown me exactly what I have known, long for and need to move forward in this world to feel truly connected and fulfilled. I have felt so lost and disconnected for what feels like an eternity. It's an amazing reading and I am grateful that we have connected. „

„Diana has terrific clarity of subject and astounding depth, a special flow to her writing, you'd find that in her instagram posts too. Never before in my life I have had my chart explained to me so well. Her attention to detail is incredible and I was surprised by the depth of her analysis.”

”Today I felt the need to go back and read your pages again and I started crying, as always. We have never seen each other but you described so much about myself through the pages I received from you! Thanking you isn’t enough.„