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Zodiac Chart

The Lunar Nodes


An Astrology Workshop for realignment with your soul's deepest desire

When: currently not available

Where: Zoom Meeting (2,5 - 3 hours)

in an intimate group of 6 people

Exchange: 200€

The Nodes of the Moon are a symbol for the soul stretching journey of our evolution,

taking us from the familiarity of the past and making us face the frightening unknown.

And we are going to decode the wisdom of our charts, the codes of our destiny.


  • the mythology & symbolism of the Lunar Nodes

  • the interpretation of South Node & North Node in zodiac sign & house

  • the meaning of planets in conjunction with one of the Lunar Nodes

  • how to extract the wisdom of your South Node without being trapped in the patterns of the past

  • how to allow the direction of the North Node to unfold naturally without forcing your way in

Other important details:


* Your charts will be used as examples and each Nodal placement will be discussed.

* You will learn not only how to understand your chart, but how to analyse the Nodes in anyone's chart.

* I will provide all needed materials.

* You will receive the recording of the workshop.

* The recording won't be sold after. Everything we discuss inside the workshop will remain inside the workshop. 

* If you sign up but do not attend the live call, you will receive the recording but your birth chart will NOT be discussed without your presence. If you cannot come, we will have a 15 min call after the workshop to cover your questions. *

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 19.24.44.png

You already know the wisdom of your South Node. You’ve been there, done that, you exhausted the lessons from that sign & house. Now your soul desires something different. This is one of the reasons why you incarnated in this life, for the experience of the opposite frequency.


To expand and feel that stretch in your level of consciousness, you need the wisdom of your North Node. You need to start making decisions that are in alignment with the style of your North Node.


What kind of decisions would your South Node make? Do you feel how natural they are for you? Do you feel how ready you are for them?

Now what kind of decisions would your North Node make? Do you feel how foreign that is for you? That’s your growth edge.


When you undress your fears, your doubts, your attachments and the conditioning you’ve received your entire life, stepping into the wisdom of your North Node feels like the most natural path.

Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it’s challenging.

It simply feels right.

Let's decode together how this journey looks in your chart:

Zoom Meeting (2,5 - 3 hours)

in an intimate group of 6 people

Exchange: 200€

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