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Timeline Study

Purpose: understanding the energies at play during one astrological year, knowing what areas of your life are being activated or tested, what cycles you are beginning/finishing, and how to navigate all of them.

291 EUR | 60 mins call 


Timeline guidance. Alignment with the cycles. Plan in divine timing.
This reading is focused on your Transits + Solar Return chart. We can look in the past to understand why certain things happened, connect them to the present to know what phase you are in, and look into the future to know what you should prepare for. I do not do fortune telling, for I do not believe the future is fixed. I see potential, lessons, and multiple options to deal with the cycles.

Aspects covered

Your Solar Return Chart for one year and the main transits during that period.

We can use electional astrology to find the most appropriate time for an event (starting a business, moving, launching a project, etc).

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to understand the meaning behind past and present events, and the potential that exists in the future. It is recommended that you already know the main elements of your own natal chart (what your main lessons are) before looking into transits.

All levels of astrological knowledge are welcomed - from "completely knew to astrology" to "professional astrologer". I will adapt my language and complexity of technical explanations based on your level.


291 EURO (personalized payment plans are available on request)

You will receive:

  • 60 min call + the recording

  • PDF of your chart + transits timeline

  • Resources for deeper self-study (on request)


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