Voice of the Sacred

Let the wisdom of the cosmos guide you into sacred alignment

Mini-lessons about how to work with your unique natal chart. Learn more about yourself and how you are designed to live your dharma.


Constant updates and detailed explanations regarding the current energies active in the collective psyche (transits, lunar phases)


Guidance and practices for how to grow and evolve through every phase. Learn strategies that will allow you to reconnect to the sacred flow.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Each cycle has a message, each cycle has a hidden opportunity. Listen to the whispers of the universe.
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- Astrological updates and explanations for the present transits

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- Mini astrological lessons to teach you how to work with your own chart

- Spiritual insights to guide you on your dharma path

- Astrology guides & cheat sheets

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We have forgotten how to naturally attune to the cycles of nature. In our busy lives, we forgot how to truly listen. But the signs have always been there - the cosmos is constantly talking to us, sending us all the wisdom we need in order to navigate life with mastery, in harmony with all that is around us.


We can reconnect to the sacred rhythm. Every single cell of our body remembers it, knows how to dance on it. And the cosmos is constantly giving us the notes.


All we have to do is learn its language. And this is why I’m here, a translator of the celestial symbols, to let you know the messages that want to reach the world - the silent whispers of the universe.


- Diana Sab

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Voice of the Sacred.jpg

Listen to the Whispers of the universe