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The Secrets of the

12th house

An Astrology Workshop for past lives alchemy.

When: currently not available

Where: Zoom Meeting (2,5 - 3 hours)

in an intimate group of 6 people

Exchange: 200€


While the Ascendant represents the portal through which you entered this life,

what's behind the Ascendant represents everything that happened before your birth.

That's the 12th house.

The astral plane of the chart.

The memories you carry from your previous life, the soul contracts, the promises for this life, your karma, your connection to Divinity, it's all here.


  • how to understand the 12th house as a bridge between the past life memories and your present connection with Divinity​

  • past life environment and dominant energy = the sign of the 12th house

  • the role you played, how you used that energy, how you are affected by your past life = the ruler of the 12th house

  • what parts of you are still there, attached to the story you lived = planets in the 12th house

  • how to work with your karma & connect deeper to the Sacred through your unique lenses.

Other important details:


* Your charts will be used as examples and each 12th house will be discussed.

* You will learn not only how to understand your chart, but how to analyse the 12th house in anyone's chart.

* I will provide all needed materials.

* You will receive the recording of the workshop.

* The recording won't be sold after. Everything we discuss inside the workshop will remain inside the workshop.

*If you sign up but do not attend the live call, you will receive the recording but your birth chart will NOT be discussed without your presence. If you cannot come, we will have a 15 min call after the workshop to cover your questions.


Your understanding of Divinity depends on how you understand and feel Life itself.

(do you trust it? do you find meaning in it? does it make you feel hopeless? does it make you relax? do you feel held?)

And your understanding of Life depends on what experiences you are attached to from your past lives. (what strong memories you carry that are shaping your perspective now? what hidden beliefs do you carry?)

This is why I believe that, in order to truly feel and understand the Sacred, first we must break the attachments to the hidden stories we carry within.

And those attachments are seen in the sign that rules your 12th house.


With each zodiac sign in the 12th house
comes a "social code" that conditioned our
previous life and shaped the way we

understood reality.

It shaped who we were and what we were

allowed to do. It started to feel like a cage,

not letting us feel the infinite.

And here we are, incarnating again in the same patterns, picking a culture and a family that creates the same cage around us, so we get to experience one of the most important things: stepping out of the cage, because we found the key to unlock it.


This is what can be found in the 12th house.

But to get out of that “cage” we must truly let go of a part of us.

We must go through an ego death.

And in that process, we merge with the infinite.

We become shamans. We are one with the Spirit.


Do you want to study this together?

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