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Diana Sab

(22 January 1997)

Professional Astrologer / Karmic & Evolutionary

Shamanic Practitioner

Human Design Student

Jungian Psychoanalysis Student

Wisdom Keeper, Witch, Mystic, Oracle,

or whatever title we use to describe a woman who swims in the dark waters of the hidden realms and brings back knowledge from them.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

There's no tragic, interesting, or revolutionary story about my life and how I started to be interested in all these magical topics. No turn of events that put me on the path of wisdom.

I just woke up one day in middle school with a very heavy feeling that kept telling me "prepare. learn. find the truth. find it now. train. meditate. its' coming." And so I did.

I still don't know what's coming - I'm just doing what I've been doing forever. I've mapped the inner realms of my soul, connected to ancient symbols, felt the pain and the light of the world, of my lineage, I've dived through my past lives and through the lives of my ancestors bringing healing where it was needed, and became fluent in the ancient celestial languages to understand what the heavens are telling us.

Most importantly: I've shaped everything in my life to allow this thirst for spirit and for sacred to expand without obstacles.

I've figured out later in life that it was the path of the Shaman/Priestess that called me. I've always been the one who doesn't fit in, the one who prefers the silence, the one talking to the trees and the stars, the one who feels too much, sees too much, knows too much. So I've owned it. Trained it. I am who I am today because I didn't refuse the calling, I grabbed it and ran towards it.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

What was hidden in my chart:

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising

Stellium in the 9th + 8th house

Sun - Jupiter - Uranus

I'm here to bring wisdom, depth, alchemy, empowerment and purpose.

My soul belongs in temples, dancing in rituals, creating and destroying threads that can change destiny. I'm half of this world, half of another world, learning to fully enter this human body so I can truly manifest in the physical realms the visions I have.

Every soul I touch, I do it gently, but with a firm desire to bring transformation. I'm here to hold your hand while the threads of your fate are changing.

My complete Rave Chart

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

The penetrating voice of the collective unconscious has taught me more than any professor did, but as for my official education:

I started to seriously study astrology in 2013, and after 5-6 years of being self-taught I joined The Astrological Research and Applications Center Helios (in Romania) where I formed my traditional foundation (I studied natal chart analysis, predictive, synastry, horary, elective, medical and karmic astrology) I got certified as a practicing astrologer, but after that I went my own way. 

- I have a BA degree in Philosophy with a dissertation on jungian psychoanalysis ("The role of Numinous experiences in the individuation process") + I've studied hinduism & buddhism during my MA (but did not complete it due to a disappointment in the academical world).

- Human Design found me in 2019. I've enrolled in the International Human Design School (currently finished Living Your Design + Rave ABC).

- I've been initiated in prananadi in 2017 (a Tibetan healing technique that studies the chakras and the energy system of the 7 bodies).


- I've been officially initiated in shamanism in 2023, but I've been playing with shamanic practices since I was a little girl. Thankfully now I have proper techniques and protection rituals. 

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Copy of Copy of Copy of post - 2.jpeg

do you feel called to work with me?

If you want to learn the type of astrology that I practice, the easiest way is through my Membership. This is my playground, the space where I don't only structure and organize my knowledge, but also let myself enter trances to write the lessons.

If you're fully committed to the path of the astrologer and feel that I am your teacher, you can apply for 1:1 Mentorship, where I personally teach and guide you for an extended period of time. Please message me if you're interested!

If you want me to read your chart / guide you through the energies of your soul blueprint, you can book a call with me. Here you can access My Calendar.

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