About Me


Professional Astrologer

Specialised in Evolutionary and Karmic Astrology

Born on 22 January 1997

Hello, I’m Diana,
A curious soul, full of thirst for knowledge, unafraid of searching though the shadows, obsessed with finding meaning, and completely dedicated to understand Life.

I fully embody the energy of the student & the philosopher. With a Gemini Rising, Aquarius Sun + Jupiter in 9th house and a 1/3 profile in Human Design, my whole life gravitated around gaining knowledge, and learning what is hidden.


But I am more than that. My mind might be a strong tool, but the Moon guides me - through emotions and strong intuitions, a sensitivity to everything around me; I am reclaiming the feminine gifts which have been suppressed for lifetimes.

What I know for now is that I'm here to learn & feel deeply, then turn everything into wisdom and share it with the world. 

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

I am a translator of the sky, taking the wisdom encrypted in the charts and delivering it to the world, all in order to support our evolution.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising

Stellium in the 9th + 8th house

I'm here with wisdom, depth, alchemy, empowerment and purpose.

This is the blueprint of my soul:

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My desire is to share the magic of Astrology, Human Design, I Ching, the ancient systems of decoding the Sacred.

Voice of the Sacred is the subtle whisper of divinity which we can hear every now and then. I believe these tools that decode the movement of the sky are ways to understand its messages.

My passion is to study them.

To dive deep within myself. And help you do the same.

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My complete Rave Chart


I started studying astrology in 2013, and, after 5-6 years of being self-taught, I joined the school of Astrological Research and Applications Center Helios (in Romania).


I have gained a solid foundation based on western traditional astrology in: natal chart study, predictive, synastry, horary, elective, medical and karmic astrology.


I got certified as a practicing astrologer, and after that I learned even more perspectives (evolutionary, modern, hellenistic, esoteric, vedic astrology).

Learning astrology never truly ends, and I will forever remain a student of this ancient system.

In the meantime, Human Design found me in 2019 and I started to experiment with it. Since then I've been self-taught and now I integrate it in my work.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg