About Me


Professional Astrologer

Specialized in Evolutionary and Karmic Astrology

Born on 22 January 1997

Hello, I’m Diana,
A curious soul, full of thirst for knowledge, unafraid of searching though the shadows, obsessed with finding meaning, and completely dedicated to understand Life.

I fully embody the energy of the student & the philosopher. With a Gemini Rising, Aquarius Sun + Jupiter in 9th house and a 1/3 profile in Human Design, my whole life gravitated around gaining knowledge.

I'm basically a sponge for knowledge and, mostly, for wisdom. I've been searching in every place for the answer to "Why? Why am I here? Why are we all here? Wha't the purpose of all of this?". all my desires are about finding purpose. In anything.

There's still mystery and place for unexpected twists in my path, but one thing is clear: I'm here to learn & feel everything deeply, then turn everything into wisdom and share it with the world. Share it with you. And help you find your own path.


I started studying astrology in 2013, and, after 5-6 years of being self-taught, I joined the school of Astrological Research and Applications Center Helios (in Romania).


I have gained a solid foundation based on western traditional astrology in: natal chart study, predictive, synastry, horary, elective, medical and karmic astrology.


I got certified as a practicing astrologer, and after that I learned even more perspectives (evolutionary, modern, hellenistic, esoteric, vedic astrology).

Learning astrology never truly ends, and I will forever remain a student of this ancient system.

My Core Philosophy

You are here to evolve towards complete free will - your truest nature.
I am here to point you the way.

Dharma = an individual's duty, the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence

Karma = „action”,  what has been done in the past that has consequences in the present

Each aspect of your life carries a karmic imprint + a purpose, a way forward.
In my readings, I work with the concepts of past lives, reincarnation and karma as explanation for the energies that we still carry in the moment of our birth.


I believe "fate" is written in the deep, hidden layers of our unconscious mind, and I also believe that we can free ourselves from it by bringing awareness, the light of the conscious mind, into those shadows.

fate = our life on auto-pilot (unconscious actions)

You birth chart can show you how that life might look like, why is it like that, what happened in your past life that caused these tendencies;
But more importantly:
your chart shows you how to reclaim your free will.

Studying my chart is a lifelong practice. There's no end to it. The more I experience life and uncover layers of my soul, the more meaning I find in the astrological symbols.

The hidden meanings reveal to you based on how ready you are to see them.

And they keep unraveling.