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Voice of the Sacred

Learn astrology that connects you to your spirit

Understand the reason why you soul chose this life

Understand the stories that you carry from your past lives

Your Karma. Dharma. Soul path. Life quests and missions.

The structure of your unconscious mind and all its secrets.

They are all in your chart.

Let's witness it.

Exclusive posts
with astrology lessons 

If you enjoy my work on Instagram, you will adore this.

I am taking my creations to a next level. And I'm covering everything you need in order to read a birth chart.

Written courses for complex subjects

The written format of my live classes and workshops will be published inside the membership, as well as tutorials and guides.

Secret Forum
for discussions

You don't have to study alone. To build community, you will find a secret forum where all the members can make posts and start discussions.

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Voice of the Sacred

is an Astrological Compendium


the place where I note down all my studies, 

so you can understand what I see.

The magic in the stars,

The ancient, raw and powerful stories encrypted in your chart.

Astrology infused with mysticism, shamanism, jungian psychoanalysis,

Sacred Astrology,

focused on inner alchemy

and a full reclamation of all parts of your soul.

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a sneak peek inside

To open each post, you need to subscribe to the Membership

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Welcome to your
Astral Temple





Every month

Jupiter - Knowledge

Full immediate access to all content + the forum.

For those who don't know for how long they will study the mysteries of astrology.

Recurring payment each month.

You can cancel the plan anytime after a minimum of 3 months.




Every 6 months

Saturn - Integration

Full immediate access to all content + the forum.

For those who are dedicated to the study the mysteries of astrology and want to commit to this path.

Auto-renews every 6 months.

You can cancel the plan anytime.

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This is for you if

  • If you are in love with my work on Instagram and want to receive more of it, at a more complex level. This is the intention behind this Membership: to create a body of work that not only keeps the magic I've created on Instagram, but it takes it to the next level.

  • If you resonate with my perspective on Astrology. I am not only an astrologer, but also a student of Human Design, of jungian psychoanalysis, I am a shamanic practitioner and a devoted mystic. My work carries my essence. If you resonate with it, this is your place.

  • If you love taking your time to digest visual content. The Membership consists of exclusive posts and secret web pages filled with information, designed with intention. If you love reading, taking notes and slowly digesting words/pictures, this is your place.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

This is Not for you if

  • If you want to learn from videos & audios. Everything in this membership is written & visually explained. If you are the type that prefers lectures and conversations, you can join my classes and workshops HERE.

  • If you want a reading. This Membership is a place for self study, without me directly working on your chart. If you are interested in a reading, you can book one HERE.

  • If you want 1:1 guidance. The Membership gives you access to all the exclusive content I create for your self guided study journey. If you want a private mentorship with me, you can apply for it HERE.

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Important Details

I work with:

Zodiac signs: Tropical (western)

House System: Whole Signs

Planetary Rulership: Traditional

Aspects: Ptolemaic

This Membership is for all levels.

There are different categories of content, based on difficulty and techniques.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an astrologer, you will find valuable content here.

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How people describe my work

These are messages I've received from people who studied the free work I've been creating since 2021.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg

You tap into something much deeper and wiser than most other astrologers do. Your interpretations of signs, placements, etc have always resonated! You have unique insights that seem to come from something much more ancient than yourself — and you seem like the kind of astrologer that would tell me what I need to hear even if I don’t like it!

You are very skilled and passionate and have taken the time to learn about all of these areas, not in the superficial new-age way that we often see in the western world, but from an ancient more in-depth perspective, which I really appreciate.

Your work is straight up pure celestial essence. 

I deeply bow down in gratitude for your large heartedness in sharing such beautiful gems of wisdom in such a terrific profound manner.

I have never read or felt the passion of astrology until I came across your content. I found myself always going back to your work when it came to a deeper dive in astrology. Also, your willingness to cut open and bleed for your work is inspiring. Respect.

Just want to say as a student astrologer, your delivery and extent of your content is like no other I have experienced, perhaps that's your energy!

Your voice and guidance continue to speak from realms beyond ours as is evident in your work. 

Hi, I am Diana, professional astrologer, half academic, half mystic.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising, Stellium in the 9th + 8th house

1/3 Generator.

I'm here to discover purpose in everything, and for that I've been absorbing knowledge from all the sources I found valuable. I've been studying astrology since 2013, Human Design since 2019, I have a BA degree in philosophy with a dissertation on jungian psychoanalysis, and in 2023 I've finally stopped doing rituals "by ear" and got initiated in shamanism.

Read more about me HERE.

Voice of the Sacred

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