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Your voice and guidance continue to speak from realms beyond ours as is evident in your work. 

Just want to say as a student astrologer, your delivery and extent of your content is like no other I have experienced, perhaps that's your energy!

You tap into something much deeper and wiser than most other astrologers do. Your interpretations of signs, placements, etc have always resonated! You have unique insights that seem to come from something much more ancient than yourself — and you seem like the kind of astrologer that would tell me what I need to hear even if I don’t like it!

I have never read or felt the passion of astrology until I came across your content. I found myself always going back to your work when it came to a deeper dive in astrology. Also, your willingness to cut open and bleed for your work is inspiring. Respect.

You are very skilled and passionate and have taken the time to learn about all of these areas, not in the superficial new-age way that we often see in the western world, but from an ancient more in-depth perspective, which I really appreciate.

Your work is straight up pure celestial essence. 

I deeply bow down in gratitude for your large heartedness in sharing such beautiful gems of wisdom in such a terrific profound manner.

I can see and feel that you have so much respect towards this type of knowledge and towards people you share it with, and you do it in responsible way. I feel you give your knowledge in direct, concentrated and honest way, it feels authentic and refreshing.

Wow! Just wow! What is this wisdom! I truly can't get enough of your posts and your light 💛✨ This will remain with me forever.

Every conversation with Diana feels like she’s calling some ancient force within me that is ready to go through everything and succeed. Her words awaken my inner power and some kind of unstoppable faith.

Your explanations in your post are the most thorough and easy to read that I’ve found to date. As a Virgo, this makes my heart smile because I can take what you gave and continue to analyze further.

The way I can resonate with your content is just... I am also very much into Jungian studies, and a in-depth-psychological approach towards basically all areas of life feels most natural to me. I have deep respect for your knowledge and the way you relate to the sacredness of reality and additionally I enjoy watching how you weave different elements of your interpretations into objectively reasonable patterns many people can deeply relate to.

To say the least, your content is top quality. You deliver depth & high quality in all aspects.

I feel like you speak the magic of the sacred, and I am trying to reconnect with that magic and wonder. What you express rings true to me and feels like nourishment to my soul.

Everything I read from you is pure and conscious in its intentions. And I am happy and thankful to be able to witness that.

You give me a different and deeper perspective to some themes in astrology that other sources don‘t/didn‘t. I‘m sensing that your knowledge comes through you from some higher power and not just from conventional studies. It fascinates me a lot how much you‘ve learned about astrology through your own life experiences and observations or callings.

You are the only one astrologer (if I may call you that, although you are definitely more than just an astrologer) that I think is very good, genuinely in love the mystic subjects. I was drawn to your page, love your perspectives, how you have so much details and many angles for a simple planetary placement for example. Your knowledge is abundant and your interpretations are brilliant.

I don't think I have come across many others that I feel so *incredibly* deeply & poetically understand the ancient wisdom & the embodiment of this love language. Not even so much your words as much as your energy (that emanates through your shareings) truly speak to my soul.

As a hopeful but unanchored young person, reading your work is like a recalibratory ritual; a way of reconvening with reality that not only keeps the magic intact, but reinforces it.

Your posts are so deep, you've completely changed the way I see & understand astrology, without forgetting to mention the obvious amount of effort & information you put into your work & each post is so amazing!!

Your work is a kind of healing that transcends words. It speaks to the esoteric wisdom that lies asleep within me.

Every day you light this power through the murk of the submerged shadow since I met your page a few weeks ago.

Your posts penetrate my heart and psyche and I feel very called and drawn to your voice of translating the language of the stars.

It feels like you have a knowing that is beyond what is factually apparent in a chart, and I think that is where I am looking for answers.

You seem to have met yourself deeply, seem connected to your intuition and allow appropriate words to flow through.

I’ve always been mesmerized by your in depth understanding of human design and astrology and how you break it down. I see that you can really dive deep into a persons chart and get to the root of the situation (s), you also consider other aspects that other astrologers don’t consider or deem as important. I also see you are definitely not afraid to dive into the dark (hidden) haha.

This is breathless for me. I love how you express your work. I've been thinking so much about karma and my path and the chaos in the dark. This is incredibly nourishing for the distortions as I come through this now. My heart feels more centered and grounded. Deeply appreciative and I'm glad I found you.

I am obsessed with you!!! There are soooo many astrologers out there and soooo much content but everyone once in a great while, you find an extraordinary gem that you just KNOW is the real deal. Thanks for being here.

Yours is my favourite account to binge consume content from. As an amateur astrologer, some of your explanations open up something extra in my brain. Thank you 💗

You are a natural teacher and I need someone who can explain things to me clearly.

After a long time trying to find a proper and professional info I found you and it was such an amazing trust feeling of what you share. I could sense a wise author was behind it.

Thank you for all the incredible knowledge you are sharing through your page, as a beginner in astrology I have learned so much already and it has really inspired me to learn more.

I want to thank everyone for allowing my work to touch your soul.

It's an honor, truly.

- Diana

Voice of the Sacred

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