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"You gave me a wake up call that I truly needed yesterday. You essentially confirmed what I already knew but resisted to accept for myself. The way you talked to me hit differently compared to anyone that has ever given me life advice before. It was an incredible experience talking to you and I'm so glad I came across your story when you posted about booking readings. Something in my gut just told me I had to take that opportunity to get a reading from you and I'm so happy I went for it. Thank you for inspiring me and for the invaluable information that you have given me. I am so grateful you do the kind of work that you do. I am also grateful I got to meet and talk to you.

"I've just finished taking notes on our call and wow it was so helpful with me seeing the path I am on and in propelling me towards my purpose. I very much enjoyed our call, and I appreciate your patience with me. One hour goes so fast (for me anyway haha) and I could've talked all day to you picking your brain going back and forth between different ideas. I have a renewed sense of direction, you've opened my eyes to human design and that's lead me new forms of understanding myself and healing myself. I also would like to compliment you on your ability to understand complicated concepts and communicate them in such an eloquent and easy to digest manner. It was a pleasure."


Wooden Carvings in a Monastery

Diana. Thank you so so much again for the wisdom. You left me in awe. The whole day I was wanting to share the emotions and stories we’ve been talking about. All the heaviness, and intenseness of emotions I’ve been experiencing start to make sense now. And even the fact that i didn’t know/or allow myself simple joy and pleasure… I’m grateful your soul crossed my path. I can’t thank you enough. You are magic. 💛🙏🏼

"I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your perspective and knowledge with me. There’s lots I was able to take away and am excited to see how this new perspective/approach plays out in the months/years to come. I’ve already gone back through the recording and taken notes on some major take ways. I plan on revisiting it periodically as well, so I’m extremely grateful for your cocreation regarding this resource! "


"Thank you so much for your insights that have already changed my perspective on my life. Once I process everything that stuck with me I will watch our recording again. Overall I’m way more calm now and I’m also very happy my instincts about choosing you were correct. I’m sure I’ll contact you again in the future."


I wanted to say that I enjoyed our session more than I can convey in words. You spoke to me almost as though it was your own personal story, while simultaneously acting as a teacher, an academic, that I was so excited to learn from.


I just keep re-reading the report and I end up flooded with feelings (partially in tears, if I'm completely honest haha). It's almost as though I'm looking in a mirror, but this mirror reflects my inner world and you've given me not only this "magic" mirror, but also the map to navigate this world. I know the sentiment is very cheesy on my end so forgive me, but your work has brought me so much relief, clarity, and a sense of renewed hope and inspiration- and I don't remember the last time I felt this way, so it means a lot.


All I can say is thank you so much.


„I have been studying this reading for some time.  Reading it almost every day.  You have captured and shown me exactly what I have known, long for and need to move forward in this world to feel truly connected and fulfilled. I have felt so lost and disconnected for what feels like an eternity.  It's an amazing reading and I am grateful that we have connected. I have a lot of work today and am so excited!”

„Diana is an amazing astrologer. I have had three different types of readings from her (Parenting, Karmic, and Soul Contract). All of them blew me away. Affirmations and reassurance that I am on the right path in life. As a North Node in Capricorn, it is hard for me to find independence away from my family, but life gave me lessons that have seemed unfair. With a better understanding as to why situations have played out the way they have, it has given me peace to continue to move forward.”

„The Career Reading that I received was not only spot on, but it was also inspiring and motivating. As an astrologer myself, I am truly impressed with Diana's interpretation of everything, but more importantly, the way everything was translated into pragmatic terms was absolutely incredible. There's no fear-mongering or stereotyping here: Diana's readings are extremely in-depth, positive, and optimistic, even as they deal with things that could be potentially more challenging. Actually, there's one specific element of my own chart that I've always interpreted myself in a rather pessimistic way, and that's kind of the reason I wanted to get specifically this reading, and wow, was it the right call! Diana's interpretation clarified exactly what I needed to understand about this part of my chart in order to, frankly speaking, get out of my own way. I cannot wait to get another reading from Diana and I will continue to refer my own clients to her if they ever want a second opinion from someone who has truly mastered and specialized in this magical, evolutionary perspective that goes so DEEP into our mission and karma! Wow! I could go on, but I'll just leave it at: WOW! I cannot recommend this enough!  ”

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„Diana has terrific clarity of subject and astounding depth, a special flow to her writing, you'd find that in her instagram posts too. Never before in my life I have had my chart explained to me so well. Her attention to detail is incredible and I was surprised by the depth of her analysis. Planets, houses, aspects; it is easy to get confused with all the references, but she makes it so easy to understand. More importantly her readings are primarily about the insights in One's self than mere description of planetary positions.

She wrote an analysis for me more than half a year ago, and I keep going back to it every now and then. It helps me keep constant reminders of what I am supposed to do, my challenges and my difficulties, and, also, I can interpret my current situations based on my tendencies and patterns. ”

„My God, Diana! I got goosebumps as I read. Wow. You touched my soul. I feel like I have received a treasure and now I’m spiritually more rich, more confident. Thank you very much for your efforts, your attention and your time. The way you touched my soul is amazingly gentle. I felt so much care in the way you wrote. You had access to the most hidden and darkest parts of my soul, but you treated them gently, with so much compassion. I feel overwhelmed and deeply touched. I followed my intuition (to contact you) and I’ve been rewarded so much! I am feeling overwhelmed.

Your reading was a real upgrade for me. It was the first time in 2 years when I managed to talk to my child's mother as friends, honest and open. I want to thank you again and also thank myself for following my intuition to contact you.”


„Aww Diana,

I do not have the right words to thank you enough for the lovely and amazingly detailed Karmic Analysis! I remember I came across you randomly on Instagram and I just felt that pull towards your account. Little did I knew that I’m going to be so astonished by your magical occult skills! I did recommend you to few of my friends that feel stuck in a dark place and I’m always going to brag about you because you did help me understand so much about myself through your detailed analysis. We've never seen each other but you described so much about me through the pages I received from you! You are a very gifted gem! Thanking you isn’t enough. Today I felt the need to go back and read your pages again, and I started crying, as always.”


„Being new to astrology Diana’s reading provided an easy to read, educational introduction to my blueprint. The explanation of the planets and houses provided the detail to understand each of the pillars and how they interact with the signs. Each section gave a prosaic description of how the planet and sign aspects take shape in my everyday interactions and environment.

A welcomed part was the suggestions on how to better attune my actions to align with areas of my life where my soul can be nourished and expanded. Diana is extremely open and responsive for follow up questions, guidance. She has helped me come to know myself better. Thank you!”


Wooden Carvings in a Monastery

„Everything you said about our relationship was something we both already knew intuitively. I just didn’t know how to organize all these intuitions I had about him, and I wasn’t even sure if they’re real. You clarified everything, the entire story of why we are together and what patterns we are healing now.

We are much more aware of the exchange between us, and what our goal is, as a couple. Thank you for seeing our story and using your gift.”

„Dear Diana,
Thanks for taking the time to prepare my karmic analysis. I did a past life regression in 2012, mostly everything you told me is a confirmation. (...) I feel more clarity, as everything makes sense now. Deep love and gratitude to you, may you continue to be blessed with the Gift of helping others to find their truth.”


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