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Let's translate the sacred language of the stars together.

The Secrets of the 12th house

Past life Alchemy -  The 12th house shows us what energy we carry from our previous lives, what affected us deeply, how our worldview has been shaped, what "rules" we think we must follow. They all belong to the past, they all feel like a cage in this present life. And we are here to become aware of them, and fully let go of these attachments.

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Aether - the 5th element

Aether, Akasha, Spirit - the 5th element. Learn about the mystical space between the signs, the energy that holds together the physical elements, and how it influences the planets in your chart. They are the most karmically charged aspects, and the ones who can turn your destiny upside down. 

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The Lunar Nodes

Your Path of Destiny -  The Nodes of the Moon are a symbol for the soul stretching journey of our evolution, taking us from the familiarity of the past and making us face the frightening unknownWhen you are able to use the wisdom of both sides, that’s when you know you became the master of your Lunar Nodes. Want to know how to do that?

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More workshops & classes coming soon

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