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Private Mentorship

No course compares to the focused attention of a teacher on you.

I will not only teach you how to read the astrological chart & find its secrets, but also how to handle this incredible tool and use it to build a deeper connection to the Sacred.  


Inside a private Mentorship you are not just listening to a lecture about astrology. I am teaching you directly, translating astrology for you, making sure you grasped every meaning, and making sure you can use it to build something yourself.


This is for you if you want more than a course.

You want direct access to the knowledge of an astrologer, the opportunity to ask endless questions and clarifications, to be taught with your own chart as an example, to do exercises and receive direct feedback and guidance. You’ll end up knowing not just the astrological theory, but also the ins and outs of your own natal chart.

I'm here to help you master astrology.

After working 1:1 with me, you will have the confidence to call yourself an astrologer and read for your clients.

"Diana's understanding of astrology is rich, wise, and mystical. She decodes this complex language in a very unique and holistic way that is accessible and digestible to all. I was wholeheartedly drawn to her work because of her incredible knowledge, her passion, her pedagogy, her integrity, and her ethics. Diana's teachings are nourishing and empowering. They have helped me broaden my perspective of Life and my understanding of the Stars. 

She is a wonderful mentor and I am so honored to be her first mentee. Thank you Diana for transmitting the Sacred to us and for embracing your soul mission!"

- Nathalie, mentee


"Dear Diana,

I am in awe of the depth of your knowledge, I especially admire your talent of combining wisdom from various schools of thoughts (Vedic/ Western Astrology + human design etc) and sharing the most potent knowledge and insights available on the topic of Astrology.

Apart from the knowledge itself, I am in awe of your faith in the universe and in the design of each human. You make me believe the more I can show up as my true self, the more I will be free to live and love the life I have chosen for this incarnation."

- Neha, mentee

Types of Mentorship

Student of the Stars

For those who want to learn astrology from the beginning, building a foundation, covering everything necessary to read a chart, in a fixed amount of time.


3 Months: 4 sessions / month

+ email support + access to Astral Initiation Membership



The Apprenticeship

For those who want an ongoing learning process, no fixed end date, going as slow or as fast as needed.

Indefinite (minimum 3 months): 2 session/month 

+ email support + access to Astral Initiation Membership




The Alchemist

For those who already have a foundation in astrology and need just some extra guidance to level up.

1 Month: 4 sessions

+ email support + access to Astral Initiation Membership



Apply for a
Private mentorship
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I mentor only 3-4 students at a time.

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