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Private Mentorship

No course compares to the focused attention of a teacher on you.

I will not only teach you how to read the astrological chart & find its secrets, but also how to handle this incredible tool and use it to build a deeper connection to the Sacred.

After working 1:1 with me, you will have the confidence to call yourself an astrologer and read for your clients.

  •  You are serious & deeply passionate about astrology. You sense it has an important role in your life. 

  • You aren't satisfied with watching courses or reading books, you want conversations, direct guidance, you have endless questions and you want someone to see you and explain astrology for you.

  • You know my style of working with astrology, and you love it. I know my vision is a bit different than what you usually find in our world. I blend astrology with Human Design, depth psychology, and shamanism. I am also a student of vedanta and use its philosophy as a framework.

  • You can invest in this mentorship without feeling a financial stress. There are many different ways to learn from me. This mentorship is the top one. Choose what is the most comfortable for you!

This is for you if:

"Diana's understanding of astrology is rich, wise, and mystical. She decodes this complex language in a very unique and holistic way that is accessible and digestible to all. I was wholeheartedly drawn to her work because of her incredible knowledge, her passion, her pedagogy, her integrity, and her ethics. Diana's teachings are nourishing and empowering. They have helped me broaden my perspective of Life and my understanding of the Stars. 

She is a wonderful mentor and I am so honored to be her first mentee. Thank you Diana for transmitting the Sacred to us and for embracing your soul mission!"

- Nathalie

Apply for a
Private mentorship
with Diana Sab

Not taking students at the moment.

I mentor only 3-4 students at a time.

After you submit your application, you are added to the waitlist.

 I pick my students based on how I intuitively feel you & resonate with you.

P.S.: If something changes in your world, you can always submit another application.

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