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A gentle reminder of the reason why your soul chose to have this human experience.

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Your conscious chart
& your unconscious chart

The astrological chart from the moment of your birth represents only half of the story - that is the conscious chart.


But did you know you have a second chart - the unconscious one?

Together they show you the unique relationship between your soul and your body - a collision between your past lives and the lives of your ancestors.

Voice of the Sacred (1).jpg
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Sun Sign

Conscious actions. The direction in which you desire to grow. The archetype you are here to embody and use in order to evolve. The values and motivation behind your decisions. Animus.

Moon Sign

Unconscious reactions. The patterns you are still attached to. Emotional responses you cannot control. How you feel the world, how the world triggers you. What you crave to feel. Anima.

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capricorn rising w1.jpg

Rising Sign

The portal your soul picked in order to incarnate in the physical world, the filter through which the spiritual manifests into the physical, the energy that represents your fuel and your path towards your true potential.

Words by ©Voice of the Sacred | Diana Sab
Illustrations by Blixa 6 Studio & Pixelbuddha
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