Voice of
The Sacred

Diana Sab
evolutionary & karmic Astrologer

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There are stories that our soul still carries, stories from our ancestors, from our past lives.
They are hidden in the celestial symbols, where the voice of the Sacred can be heard.


The Magic

Your birth chart is a mysterious, complex map, full of symbols and secrets that describe the mechanics of your life, the codes of your inner world.

Dharma = an individual's duty, the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence

Karma = „action”,  what has been done in the past that has consequences in the present

Each aspect of your life carries a karmic imprint + a purpose, a way forward. 

You are here to evolve towards complete free will - your truest nature.

I am here to point you the way.


Knowing your birth char is like using a flashlight in a dark room.
You can see the path forward.



Astrological Codes

Your birth chart holds the energetic patterns that you carry from past lives. It shows you the karmic wounds as well as your gifts, and together they contour the path towards your Dharma.

Soul Lessons

Past Lives

Dharma Path

Self Study

No one is going to understand your life, your soul mission, nor your birth chart better than you can.


If you are a seeker of knowledge who needs more information to support your journey, diving deeper into the hidden meanings of the celestial symbols, I welcome you.

Here you can find guidebooks and articles that will help you not only build a strong foundation in the study of astrology, but also focus on different aspects of life that interest you specifically.

Your Oracle

Hello, I am Diana, professional astrologer and student of philosophy, psychoanalysis (BA), and religious studies (MA).


Half academic, half mystic.

I'm curious soul, full of thirst for knowledge, unafraid of searching though the shadows, obsessed with finding meaning, and completely dedicated to understand Life.


Consider my mind a living breathing library.

Come with your questions. Start a quest through the maze of my knowledge. I'm here to let the wisdom flow.



I wanted to say that I enjoyed our session more than I can convey in words. You spoke to me almost as though it was your own personal story, while simultaneously acting as a teacher, an academic, that I was so excited to learn from.


I just keep re-reading the report and I end up flooded with feelings (partially in tears, if I'm completely honest haha). It's almost as though I'm looking in a mirror, but this mirror reflects my inner world and you've given me not only this "magic" mirror, but also the map to navigate this world. I know the sentiment is very cheesy on my end so forgive me, but your work has brought me so much relief, clarity, and a sense of renewed hope and inspiration- and I don't remember the last time I felt this way, so it means a lot. All I can say is thank you so much.

”You are the first astrologer to read my chart. I always wanted a reading, but I was waiting for the right one. I didn't want any reading - I wanted you.„

”I have been studying this reading for some time. Reading it almost every day. You have captured and shown me exactly what I have known, long for and need to move forward in this world to feel truly connected and fulfilled. I have felt so lost and disconnected for what feels like an eternity. It's an amazing reading and I am grateful that we have connected. „

”The Career Reading that I received was not only spot on, but it was also inspiring and motivating. As an astrologer myself, I am truly impressed with Diana's interpretation of everything. She’s someone who has truly mastered and specialized in this magical, evolutionary perspective that goes so DEEP into our mission and karma! „


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