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Voice of the Sacred

lets translate the sacred language of the stars

Aether - the mysterious element western astrology doesn't really talk about, yet it's very present in Vedic philosophy and Hermeticism, and its effects have been noticed and observed by every astrologer.

My theory is that, once we entered Kali Yuga and the level of our collective consciousness dropped, allowing us to perceive and understand only the physical aspect of life, we stopped feeling the Aether. Astrology stopped working with it. Everything became material, the use of astrology was mostly for health, wars and money - no one looked for God inside the chart.

Aether became useless in Kali Yuga, and the only thing that was noticed by astrologers was that the planets in those special degrees act strangely. Abnormal. They don't respect the usual rules of interpretation. They are unpredictable, even dangerous. I'd say this is the result of people having access to the aetherical energy, yet having no knowledge or intuition how to deal with it and how to channel that energy into something good.

So here I am trying to share more about this.

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May this knowledge bring you home,

to your spirit and to your inner wisdom.


- Diana

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