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Planet in sign Analysis  The Recipe

In most astrology courses you will learn the meaning of “planets in signs” and then the meaning of “planets in houses”, and every planet in every sign/house will have a more or less already-made interpretation that you can memorize.

You can find endless books written by amazing astrologers with their interpretations of the planets in signs/houses, yet there’s absolute no interpretation that can be considered “the right one”, or the “most complete one”, and this is because we are dealing with symbols.

When you read about what a planet in a sign means, you receive the meaning of the symbols as they were digested by someone else. The astrologer connected with the frequency of the symbol, they felt the very essence of it, they felt what is the message that wants to come out of that, and then they found words to describe it in their language.

It’s like a mama bird picking up worms, munching them well, then giving them to her baby birds to eat.

You can receive an endless amount of these “already munched” interpretations, “already digested” symbols, and still feel like you can't get the essence of it. And without feeling the essence of the symbols, you aren’t ready to create your own interpretations. This is where many learning astrologers get stuck.

This happens because you did not catch the worm yourself.

You did not face the real symbol itself.

You don't have a direct relationship with the symbol when you only learn from other's interpretations.

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