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Voice of the Sacred

lets translate the sacred language of the stars

"Planets represent the actual structure of the mind.

Each one symbolizes a particular psychological function.

Put all the planets together and you have a map of the human psyche."

- S. Forrest

Planets represent the structure of the human psyche.

Each planet is an inner voice, an inner character that every person has inside.

Everything else from the chart is an accessory, affecting the planets, describing them, showing their journey, strengthening them, weakening them, or pulling them in various directions.

When I look at my chart I imagine my soul broken into ten pieces - every piece has a distinct voice inside of me, some are in harmony, some are in conflict, but all of them have one goal: to become One, to reach Union, my awareness embracing all while standing in the middle.

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May this knowledge bring you home,

to your spirit and to your inner wisdom.


- Diana

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